“An Oasis for Heart-Centered Living”

The Center is a community wellness hub dedicated to feeding the soul, mind and body. We strive to be in alignment with Divine love and the highest truths found in the worlds’ major spiritual traditions and philosophies. All are welcome. There is no membership required to attend any event or use services. We hope you will come explore what helps you find and live from your center – that’s why The Center is here. Welcome!

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How The Center Works

There are dozens of part-time practitioners at The Center. They are involved in different healing arts and practices aimed at wholeness of body, mind and spirit for their clients. Clients pay their practitioner directly for the service they receive.  Please go to the Practitioners page or go to the Offerings page for more specific information including scheduling and costs. Or for more general classes, you can go to the Calendar page and click on anything of interest for details.

mead_quote“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
~ Margaret Mead


The Center is a labor of love for owners Scott and Anita. Their vision is to have a beautiful space for the community to have access to integrative therapies to help each person find their own center. As each of us develops more health, peace and joy in ourselves, this ripples out to our families and community. In order for this to happen, practitioners need to be able to offer their gifts at low rental rates.

People often tell us we should raise our very low rates, but it is our belief that the low rates are what make the space available to so many more people, both practitioners and the community at large.

To make this vision sustainable, we are seeking sponsors to support The Center. Please contact Scott or Anita if there is something specific you would like to support.

A great way to support the Center is to become a Sustaining Member. Please visit the Sustaining Member page for more information.

Sustaining Member Options

From Art to Zumba, The Center has a wide variety of offerings. Opportunities include yoga, meditation, Reiki, fitness classes, art, pottery, counseling, spiritual direction and much, much more. We have many practitioners to encourage you in your journey.  Feel free to drop in on any of the regularly scheduled yoga, fitness or meditation classes. You do not need to sign up for a series to attend regularly scheduled classes. Welcome!

Upcoming Events

There is a wonderful assortment of new classes, workshops, retreats and services offered at the Center every month – usually too many to list here! Please go to the Calendar and click on the “Monthly” view and click on an event for more information or to sign up. Please contact practitioners directly to sign up for services.   

Hours for tours/information

9:00 AM-3:00 PM weekdays

Classes and Events can be scheduled

5:30 AM-10:00 PM daily
Instructors will be at the Center 15 minutes prior to class. Those coming for appointments with practitioners are asked to wait in the living room or book nook until their practitioner comes to get them.