April Neibarger

Name & Credentials:

April Neibarger

April has practiced the art of beauty for 17 years, and is a successful hairstylist at Bravo Salon and spa.  Over the years working  behind the chair not only did she see how she affected people by making them feel good about there outward appearance, but she began to be awakened to what was really happening. Their inner beauty and spirit was much more beautiful, and by polishing up the outside shell she began to see where true beauty comes from. It comes from your “center”. This is where all beauty comes from.

April continues to study other spiritual, wellness, and wholistic practices to contribute to the growing consciousness of the planet. This is will continue to be her passion and mission, for her love of humanity.

Reiki, Guided healing, Reflexology

30 min -$30.00
60 min -$60.00
90 min -$ 90.00

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.