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Yoga Center of Minneapolis

YS_star_web_logoYoga Center of Minneapolis
Jennifer Gray, Kevin Kortan, Coleen Elwood, Tara Cindy Sherman, Jennifer Davis, Monique Maxwell, Susan Meyer, Michelle Pietrzak-Wegner, Moya Mathews, Ryan Kelly, Jes Rosenberg, Aveen Banich, Sarah Jane Wroblewski

Name & Credentials:
Yoga Center of Minneapolis RYS

In 2001 the Yoga Center introduced its first Yoga Study program to  answer a call for a quality program, for real people. Founded by Jennifer Gray, a trained Adult Educator, the Yoga Study program flourished and grew by bringing quality instruction to students in a format that allowed flexibility and essential time for processing. All Teacher Training programs at the Yoga Center are a minimum of 9-12 months in duration to insure that the student has time to integrate this rich information into their bodies and minds. Over 1000 students have gone through the Yoga Study Program since 2001.

230 Hour Teacher Training Program

The Yoga Study/Teacher Training program offers a strong foundation in Anatomy, Alignment, Philosophy, Methodology, Technique and Practicum. Additionally, students will have ample opportunity to explore areas of their specific interest in elective hours with workshop and visiting instructor credit.

Class Time:

Teacher Training/Yoga Study groups meets one year, 1 weekend a month on Friday night from 6pm – 8pm and Saturday andSunday from 10:00am – 4:00pm

Program starts January 16, 2015


Eau Claire Enneagram

en_teamThe Eau Claire Enneagram Team:
Jean Geissler
Cheri Forster
Lou Hoeschen

Mission Statement:
We are privileged to share the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram. Using this tool of self-knowledge to mid-wife transformation; through discovering our essence hidden behind our personality, and integrating the two.

What is an Enneagram?
The Enneagram is a system of personality development with ancient roots, based on what we can observe about how people think, feel and behave.

The word Enneagram comes from the Greek, “Ennea”means nine and “gram” means something written or drawn.  The Enneagram is a nine-pointed figure drawn to represent the nine types of people.

Value of the Enneagram
The Enneagram provides a sense of who you are, how you fit into the scheme of things, and how you interact with other people.  It helps you understand other people and their points of view.

The Enneagram helps you understand how you are boxed in by your habit of mind so that you have a chance to get out of your particular box.

It works in team building.  It promotes effective relationships, successful adaptation to change, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and others, and avoidance of blame.  It helps you take things less personally under stress.

By learning to recognize the fundamental differences among us, relationships with spouses, family, friends, and business associates will improve.  Improved interactions will enhance effectiveness.


We offer Monthly Discussion Group, Level one classes, and Level two classes.

Monthly Discussion Group (after attending Level I classes):
Offered: The  2nd Monday of the month
Time: 7:00-9:00p.m.
Where: The Center
Description:  There will be a discussion on many topics relevant to using the Enneagram in your lives.  The reason the discussion group is limited to those who have finished Level One classes is that we have  found each person needs a working knowledge of their own patterns.

Enneagram Workshop

The Center 

Level One— September 10, 2016

Level Two— September 17, 2016

9:00am-3:30pm both days

You are invited to register for just the Level One class ($50) or

just the Level Two class( $50) or both Classes for $75.

to register contact

Look at our website for more information 


Enneagram Team Biographies:

Jean Geissler
Jean Geissler is certified through the Helen Palmer Professional Training Program to teach the Enneagram in the narrative tradition. A retired elementary music teacher and church choir director, Jean loves having more time for her 3 grandchildren, reading, movies, making music, and being part of the Becketwood community.

Jean’s email address is:

Cheri Forster
Cheri Forster, a registered nurse, has studied the Enneagram for over 15 years. She has an MSMFT (Masters of Science, marriage and family therapy) degree. Recently retired, Cheri enjoys quilting, reading, walking, playing cards, movies, and spending time with her seven grandchildren.
Cheri’s email address is:

Lou Hoeschen
Lou Hoeschen received her Enneagram certification at Loyola University, studying under Jerome Wagner, Ph.D. Lou is a retired elementary teacher. Although her 6 grandchildren keep her busy, she finds time for tutoring, volunteering at Beacon House (a homeless shelter), reading, stamping cards, walking, and sitting by the lake.

Lou’s email address is:


Lou: 715-456-3695

The Center 3701 Hwy. 12
Eau Claire, WI. 54701

Kristin Hegge Helgeson


Name & Credentials:
Kristen Hegge Helgeson

Kris Helgeson is an energy healer.  A healer is a person who has an awareness and perception of those forces which promote healing or correct what is detrimental to health. Her energy practices are adapted from ancient healing techniques. By training Kris is a nurse practitioner in women’s health and holistic health.  Her work is influenced by the Ascended Master Teachings, The Pranic Healing Foundation of Delhi, the works of Alice Bailey, Swami Sivananda Radha and Yogi Bhajan.  She has been in private practice in Madison, Wi for the past 15 years.  Recently she moved to the Eau Claire area and offers occasional retreats to teach others the art and techniques of energy healing for self and others.

Energy Healing

Cost & Information:
The cost is $50. Please wear comfortable clothing and come with an open mind. Bring a blanket and a pillow if you like. We will be siting for the teachings and lying down for the healing.

To register please email Kris at or call 715-944-4586.

Feldenkrais Method

Feldenkrais Method pic
The Feldenkrais (rhymes with “rice”) Method of somatic education is a unique perspective on the enhancement of human function primarily through the promotion of self awareness and using movement as the vehicle. By using a series of slow, gentle, precise movements, an environment is created allowing the student to become more aware of constraining habitual movement patterns, and to abandon them while learning more efficient alternatives. Whether through classes or private lessons, anyone desiring improved quality of life can benefit from this method.
“Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.” -Moshe Feldenkrais

Center Piece

Center Piece

Each month or so The Center Piece will feature one of the practitioners involved at The Center. This month features Sue Ripp who provides Spiritual Healing Touch.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”   Victor Frankl


Life is a journey with rich adventures and some detours along the way. Each of these experiences enriched my life and opened my heart and mind to greater awareness.  My husband, Ken, has been a great support on this journey. He draws the best from within me encouraging growth and courage for each day. Being a mom of two sons has been a gift teaching me unconditional love, joy, sadness and the meaning of family.  My family’s support and encouragement led me to take the risk of returning to school for a career in chaplaincy.


As a board certified chaplain since 1985, I have walked with thousands of people on their journey through health care. I have witnessed the value of working with the “whole” person —- body, mind and spirit.  Walking alongside people with a variety of faith traditions and those with no beliefs, I have learned we all have a spiritual nature within. It is that place where reflection on the meaning and purpose of life resides, the longing for something more and the search to uncover our true self.

A health crisis will cause people to literally stop the fast forward pace of life providing the opportunity to reflect on the bigger questions of life and death. Our well- being consists of so much more than our physical body. There is scientific evidence which demonstrates what affects the body also affects the mind and spirit; what affects the mind also affects the spirit and body; what affects the spirit will also affect the body and mind. As a chaplain, I provided spiritual support and guidance; however, I questioned what modalities could be utilized to integrate healing of body, mind and spirit. I found Spiritual Healing Touch complements conventional health care to accomplish this goal.


SHT is a gentle energy balancing approach to health and healing.  It uses touch and calls on God’s loving light and energy to clear, align and restore balance to the human energy system, thus harmonizing the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health for healing.


Research and anecdotal evidence supports the use of healing touch for the following situations:

*Reduction of anxiety and stress

* Promoting relaxation

*Relief of pain

*Acceleration of wound healing

*Enhancing spiritual connections and sense of well-being

*Preparation for and follow up of medical procedures and treatments


Everyone!!! We live in a fast paced world of pressure, stress and anxiety. It is easy to get caught up in this way of living. As a chaplain, I provided Spiritual Healing Touch at Mayo Clinic Health System for trauma patients, cancer patients and others requesting SHT for specific needs. I recently retired as chaplain, but continue to provide SHT in the Cancer Center at Mayo.  Throughout my time at Mayo, I worked with people who were already injured or ill. I realized the importance of SHT for our everyday well-being and began providing it at The Center for those seeking overall wellness and prevention of illness by keeping our body, mind and spirit in balance for optimum wellness.


Spiritual Healing Touch is available at The Center by appointment. The process is tailored to your needs. You remain fully clothed lying on a comfortable massage table with support under your knees and head as needed.  You are asked to let go of thoughts and allow yourself to deeply relax. This process includes a light touch of your body and/or hands slightly above your body. Quiet music plays in the background to increase relaxation.

Call or email Sue Ripp for an appointment or questions.



In addition to Spiritual Healing Touch, another of Sue’s interests is working with her husband, Ken, as executive Couple for the Chippewa Valley Marriage Encounter Affiliates which provides weekend retreats encouraging couples to enhance their marital relationship.

Sue and Ken will be facilitating the next LEARN AND GROW presentation on FRIDAY, MAY 15 FROM 7:00 – 8:30 pm at The Center.

“Growing Together Among the Blossoms and Thorns:

Our Journey Through Life, Love and Loss”

From the friendship of our teen years, through our 42 years of marriage, through the death of our son in 2013 and to this day, we have experienced many blossoms and thorns. We will share how these experiences nurtured growth as individuals and as a married couple creating the unique and beautiful garden of our lives.

This is a free event. Any free will donations will benefit The Center.

Contact information:


*Parking space is limited. Please share a ride.

Brenda Lund


Name & Credentials:
Brenda Lund

It has been almost two years since I made a choice to live a healthier lifestyle. Through the process I have lost over 40 lbs, became a fitness instructor, and have even run two half marathons.  I have changed my diet as well, making sure to get enough plant based whole foods to sustain an active healthy, lifestyle.


I started teaching Zumba a year ago and am excited to teach classes at The Center. Class will be offered Thursday evenings from 6:00-7:00PM starting November 7th. Cost is $5/class. Class size is limited to 20.

To find more information on Zumba go to
I am also supporting a Nutritionally Fit Health Challenge where I have lost 7 lbs in the first two weeks. email

Kathleen Brown

Name & Credentials:
Introducing Chaplain Kathleen B. Brown, BS, MAPS, NACC

A married woman who loves the country life, I have mothered four children and now celebrate eleven grandchildren. As a lifelong learner I enjoy reading, gardening, writing, photography, nature, people and travel. I’ve been part of a medical mission trip to Uganda, Africa and later made family connections in Taiwan, ROC. One never knows where the Spirit will take us if we are willing to join the adventure and trust in God given opportunities.

I have been a Board Certified Chaplain since 1998 providing one-to-one pastoral care to people in hospice care, medical crisis, treatment options, grief and recovery.  Now retired from hospital ministry I invite individuals into sacred conversation under the banner of: Your Spirit Matters.

Whether you are churched or unchurched it would be a privilege to journey with you as a spiritual companion to uncover new treasures of hope, healing and a deepening awareness of the divine activity in life. Intentional spiritual dialog is not about lofty theology or fixing life problems, but rather expanding one’s perspectives, rediscovering inner strengths, surprising grace and inspiration regarding life challenges.

Spiritual Care

Check out my brochure at The Center in Eau Claire for further information. Limited resources should not stop a person from seeking spiritual care. You are invited to take the matter to prayer since hour long sessions will be on a donation basis.

Contact me at 715.495.3642 and leave me a message. I look forward to supporting you in your journey.