Aveen Banich

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Name & Credentials:

Aveen Banich
Registered Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Physician, Author

Biography & Style:

At the Center, Aveen teaches yoga, offers group and individual gemstone alchemy bowl healing sessions and loves the open meditation sessions. At home, she is mother to four lovely souls and a wife to a funny and patient man.

Yoga, sound and sitting in stillness have been wonderful doorways in her life to experience peace and glimpse magic. She believes the answer is LOVE and her work seeks to help herself and others stay awake and remember this simple, profound truth.

Connect with Aveen thru her yoga classes, healing sound sessions or by attending a “Life by Design” retreat.

To read Aveen’s blog or schedule a session, please check out her website: www.AveenBanich.com


Yoga,Sound Healing, Reiki, Meditation and Retreats