Bethany Jacobson

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Name & Credentials:

Bethany Jacobson

Völva ~Norse Staff Carrier, Flower Essence Consultant,

SoulCollage® Artist and Trained Facilitator, Reiki Master

Biography & Style:

Bethany has worked over 36 years as a caregiver and long-term health care administrator. She has been a lifelong student of natural arts for healing mind, body, and soul, including gardening, herbs, flower essences, energy work, indigenous healing traditions and ceremony.  Bethany has woven these practices into the work she calls Soul Tending.

As an intuitive, Bethany has a talent for helping people get to the heart of things with a deeply rooted presence which allows people to feel comfortable and accepted.   In sessions, classes and ceremony, she is grounded, empathic and sensitive.  A practicing Völva-Norse Staff Carrier, she connects to her ancestral wise-woman healing traditions and integrates new modalities.

Bethany is also the creator of over 100 SoulCollage® cards which reflect universal aspects of self, soul, community, guides, helpers and the divine. Using these cards in consultations, she can help guide individuals to explore the language of images and give voice to their own intuition and wisdom. 

To those who have walked difficult and painful paths…she understands with the deep insight and compassion of a woman who has moved through many life challenges. Flower essences have been powerful allies and teachers for her, being a catalyst for healing and shifting emotional and physical issues. Bethany is excited to assist people to experience their virtues!


Personal Soul Tending Sessions
SoulCollage Card Readings and Classes
Flower Essence Consultation with FES & Healingherbs Flower Essences
Volva Stav Study Group at The Center
Ceremony, Classes, retreats and other consultation as arranged.


Phone: 715-597-6125 (evenings or leave a message)