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Dominique Berg – Spiritual Interpretation


2014 was the year my journey really started.
I was experiencing major fatigue, then debilitation pain, which resulted in my confinement to a wheelchair by November.  Western medicine was running out of options for me.  I was planning a wedding in January.  How was this all going to end?
In early November, my doctor said to me, “You’d better plan on going down the aisle in that chair, if you make it that long.  All we can do is make you comfortable.”
This was unacceptable to my fiancé, as well as myself.  We decided to look for a holistic alternative.  That’s when we found Melissa, my first mentor, and, now, friend.  She started treating me with NRT (Nutritional Response Therapy), which led to a regiment of supplements.
What was unknown to me during my traditional treatment, was that I had chronic, undiagnosed Lyme’s Disease, which also led to food allergies galore.  I also had parasites attacking my system.  Melissa tested for all these things and I removed the offending food from my diet.
By the end of December, I was only using the chair at the end of exceptionally busy/fatiguing days.  By our wedding on January 16th, 2015, I was no longer using it at all.
While the food allergies persisted, I was getting better with each passing day.
The better I became physically, the more my gifts opened up.
We rescued a beautiful older dog, our CJ, in June of 2016.  Before we got CJ, I thought I had abilities, but he REALLY brought them out in me.  It was as if I was mentally connected to this animal.  I could almost hear him speak to me.
Of course, due to my experiences, we took CJ to a traditional/holistic vet, who treated him with Reiki.  I then started taking Reiki classes to develop my own abilities.  I knew then that I was going to be a healer for God.  I feel that Christ works through me to help others.
Once I finished my Reiki certification, I realized that there was more that God wanted me to do.  That’s when I met another one of my mentors, Julie.  She helped me tune into the spirit world and medium work, where I could help people, as well as myself, become stronger and heal in multiple dimensions, past lives, angelic interpretations, spirit connections.
So here I am.  In a place where I realize that God’s work with me is not done.  I want to help and heal as many souls as I can.  I have been called to serve Christ by helping others to heal.  I will always be learning, as God opens new doors every day.
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