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The Eau Claire Enneagram Team:
Cheri Forster
Lou Hoeschen

Mission Statement:
We are privileged to share the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram. Using this tool of self-knowledge to mid-wife transformation; through discovering our essence hidden behind our personality, and integrating the two.

What is an Enneagram?
The Enneagram is a system of personality development with ancient roots, based on what we can observe about how people think, feel and behave.

The word Enneagram comes from the Greek, “Ennea”means nine and “gram” means something written or drawn.  The Enneagram is a nine-pointed figure drawn to represent the nine types of people.

Value of the Enneagram
The Enneagram provides a sense of who you are, how you fit into the scheme of things, and how you interact with other people.  It helps you understand other people and their points of view.

The Enneagram helps you understand how you are boxed in by your habit of mind so that you have a chance to get out of your particular box.

It works in team building.  It promotes effective relationships, successful adaptation to change, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and others, and avoidance of blame.  It helps you take things less personally under stress.

By learning to recognize the fundamental differences among us, relationships with spouses, family, friends, and business associates will improve.  Improved interactions will enhance effectiveness.


We offer Monthly Discussion Group, Level one classes, and Level two classes.

Monthly Discussion Group (after attending Level I classes):
Offered: The  2nd Monday of the month
Time: 7:00-9:00p.m.
Where: The Center
Description:  There will be a discussion on many topics relevant to using the Enneagram in your lives.  The reason the discussion group is limited to those who have finished Level One classes is that we have  found each person needs a working knowledge of their own patterns.

Enneagram Workshop
Level One— Sept. 30, 2017
Level Two— Oct.7, 2017
9:00am-3:30pm both days

External behaviors, underlying attitudes, one’s sense of self, conscious and unconscious motivations, emotional reactions, defense mechanisms, what we pay attention to, our spiritual potentials and much more—are all parts of a complex pattern that forms each personality type. Therapists, business counselors, human resource directors, teachers, couples, parents and spiritual seekers from around the world are all finding the Enneagram to be immensely useful for self-understanding and personal growth.

You are invited to register for just the Level One class ($50) or
just the Level Two class( $50) or both Classes for $75.

Questions: contact Lou Hoeschen : lou@eauclaireenneagram.com

Deadline for registration is Sept. 23, 2017
Your payment will be your registration, please indicate dates attending.
Checks made out to: Eau Claire Enneagram.
Mail to : Lou Hoeschen 16476 90th Ave. Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
The text book recommended is : The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Russ Hudson and Don Riso ,you may purchase the book on Amazon for about $15
If you know someone who has taken the class you may borrow their book
Lou has been teaching the Enneagram for about 20years, she has been certified by Enneagram teacher Jerome Wagner through Loyola University, Chicago, IL.

to register contact lou@eauclaireenneagram.com

Look at our website for more information 


Enneagram Team Biographies:

Cheri Forster

Cheri Forster, a registered nurse, has studied the Enneagram for over 15 years. She has an MSMFT (Masters of Science, marriage and family therapy) degree. Recently retired, Cheri enjoys quilting, reading, walking, playing cards, movies, and spending time with her seven grandchildren.
Cheri’s email address is: cheriforster@eauclaireenneagram.com

Lou Hoeschen
Lou Hoeschen received her Enneagram certification at Loyola University, studying under Jerome Wagner, Ph.D. Lou is a retired elementary teacher. Although her 6 grandchildren keep her busy, she finds time for tutoring, volunteering at Beacon House (a homeless shelter), reading, stamping cards, walking, and sitting by the lake.

Lou’s email address is: lou@eauclaireenneagram.com


Lou: 715-456-3695

The Center 3701 Hwy. 12
Eau Claire, WI. 54701