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On the premise we are all made of Energy, artist Erin O’Brien helps remind us we all have the Power within to heal.  Through her art, Erin wants to inspire people to wake up to the beautiful life they are meant to have, to find peace and calm.  

Building on the love for color, design, textiles, art, connecting with people, and giving back to the community, Erin is proud to share with you the beauty and healing energy each Chakra art piece has.   Her original vision of images on silk, playing with light, dimension and color, has opened the door to many versions and interpretations of this idea.  Spiritual meaning behind the traditional Chakra symbols and the connection with the practice of yoga; are all beautiful reminders to go within and allow peace and calm to bubble up and spill out into the world…

Erin Designs Yoga Energy Art, Organic and Traditional versions are available at The Center giftshop or online.  


Silk painting workshops, lessons and parties.

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