Jodi Ritsch

jodiName & Credentials:
Jodi Ritsch M.D
Board certified family practitioner

Biography & Style:
Jodi Ritsch M.D is a board certified family practitioner and our very own joyful doc!   She is also a mother of four, a wife, a friend and a talented potter. For years Jodi has been on a journey to bring joy and balance to her own life and family as well as her work. She has blended her education in wellness and her natural warmth to help others tune into their own intuition and shift into heart-centered living. Jodi specializes in gathering women together to have fun, laugh and recover a lost piece of them selves along the way. She does this thru various modalities including mindful life coaching, Laughter Yoga and “Life By Design” Celebrations.   Jodi has an infectious laugh and a wonderful way of making every day joy-filled. Smile and then come and give one of her classes or one-on-one coaching sessions a try today.

Mindful life coaching, Laughter Yoga, & Life By Design Celebrations and pottery classes.