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Joyce Sobotta holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from University of Wisconsin-Stout. She has been using and teaching benefits of essential oils since 2002. Joyce presented the use of therapeutic essential oils as an enhancement therapy at the State Alzheimer’s Conference in 2003 and 2004. She completed her certification with the National Holistic Aromatherapy Association, in 2003 and studied an advanced course.

Joyce creates her own formulations using therapeutic essential oils.  Many of her effective blends are sold in local stores including Mother Natures Food, Just Local Food Co-op in eau Claire, and Golden Leaf Café in Menomonie. She is founder/owner of an international business, boasting a unique blend she created in 2007, Healthy Girls Breast Oil, along with Lady Lymph educational posters.

In her classes she teaches and guides students to choose, blend and experience essential oils for physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.  Joyce presents the benefits of essential oils and a loving lymphatic self massage to increase awareness and help to balance, detoxify, and stimulate the immune system.


Joyce guides you as you create your own essential oils blends. Handouts, essential oils, and all materials are included. Each class is unique and fun.

Create New Possibilities with Essential Oils

The benefits of therapeutic essential oils go far beyond the pleasures of scent.  They bring us all kinds of possibilities for alleviating ailments both physical and emotional.

Most essential oils come from plants. Because the molecular structure of our body is similar to that in plants, essential oils help to nourish, detoxify, increase blood circulation and mobilize the body’s own self healing powers. They enter the blood stream easily, and leave efficiently, with no side effects.  Essential oils are very concentrated so it takes very little to have a dramatic healing effect.

Daily exposure to toxins in our environment can build up in our body. The organs of detoxification become overwhelmed and cannot perform effectively, resulting in a weakened immune system, discomfort, pain, and a wide array of emotional conditions.  Therapeutic essential oils help the immune system ward off infections, release toxins, and relieve many emotional disturbances.

How do essential oils work?

Inhalation is the fastest way to benefit from using the oils and may be preferred to help balance mood and emotions.  Research has shown that people surrounded with pleasant scents enjoy higher self esteem.

Absorption through the skin in a massage, bath or compress is a very effective. It is recommended to use a carrier when applying therapeutic essential oils to the skin.  A carrier is a quality lotion, massage oil, or other skin care product.Once beneath the skin the essential oils go to the intercellular fluid surrounding the cells and can enter the blood stream. They travel to the internal organs and the lymphatic system where they aid the immune system.

We have an innate ability to create what we want in our life including our health wellness. As we continue to experiment and use therapeutic essential oils, we will see and feel awesome possibilities for healing our physical body, our emotional mind, and our spiritual being.  



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