Lynn Davidson

Lynn D


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Lynn Davidson

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In my 62 years, I have been and done a multitude of things.  When I look for the consistence threads throughout my life, they would be:  physical activity (swimmer, cyclist, runner, and hiker just to name a few), creative experimenter (artist that loves unconventional materials), and spiritual seeker (lover of philosophy).

My current yoga story started when aging and injury began to limit my physical activity choices.  I reconnect with yoga in an attempt to see what I could strengthen and heal.  But the science, the art, the philosophy, and the magic that is yoga peaked all the elements of my explorers soul.  My desire for MORE lead me to the yoga center of Minneapolis teach training, and here we are.

I’m a mother of four children, Grandmother to six grandsons (no granddaughters. . . yet).

My hope is to be continually on the path of learning and exploring, always ready for an adventure.


Yoga on Wednesday mornings at 9:15



Phone:     715-514-1344