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Onae Shinn


Onae Shinn

Biography & Style

My name is Onae (pronounced Ah-nay), I am an intuitive card reader. I have been raised in a family of readers and continue the family tradition .  I was taught by my mother and my aunt, who is a world renown reader.  I read using the cards to help me tap into my intuition, spirit guides/guardian angels. I am certified in hands on healing through Tamara Spiritual Center in Tucson Arizona.

For as long as I can remember I have always been a little crafty. I find myself getting lost in a project or two, building, sculpting, sewing, etc. You can find my craft work at The Center craft shows or online at etsy.com/shop/onaeoriginals.

 I am a mother of three amazing children and married to my very own prince charming.  I love working on crafts (clay figurines, cloth dolls, and fairy houses), spending time with my family, and of course reading cards.

To schedule an appointment for your reading call 651-600-6840.

If you are interested in longer readings or having me read at your party contact me and we can discuss in more detail. Thank you!

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