Pat Chittendon

Name & Credentials:
Patricia (Pat) A Chittendon

Biography & Style:
Patricia (Pat) A Chittendon has joined the community at “The Center” as a workshop facilitator, presenter and leader of monthly discussion groups.  A few of the topics for discussion are; “Spirituality and Aging”, “A Year’s Journey with the Celtic Spirit”, “Why do we fear dying?” and “Becoming an Anamcara/A Soul Friend”.   Pat will also be involved with the monthly celebrations based on the lunar cycle and Seasonal Celebrations at the start of each Season.  You can visit if you are interested in finding out more information on what Patricia (Pat) A Chittendon has to offer.

“In my own words”
I am a Chaplain; Hospice and Hospital.  At the hospital I visit and work with patients from many different faith traditions and spiritual journeys.  I am also a woman who has walked this earth for many years, a spouse and mother/grandmother.  Outside the workplace I work with groups and do one on one sessions to help people explore their spiritual journey.  I have become comfortable in my own skin and feel there are learned experiences that I can share with others.  All of us gain from open and honest discussions.  Please check “The Centers” calendar for dates and times. Many of my offerings will take place in the living room for anyone to attend free of charge.

Spiritual Discussion and Anamcara Soul Care Groups

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