Rita Simon


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Rita Simon

Name & Credentials:

Rita Simon

Retired Family Physician

Certification from CSU in Death and Grief Studies

Certified ATS Belly Dance Instructor

Biography & Style:

Dr. Rita Simon, of Spirit Horse Dance Company and Spirituality, is a retired Family Practice Physician. Rita strongly believes that an essential task of each person’s life journey is to integrate body, mind and spirit so as to connect the beauty and awe of one’s inner self to that of the outer world. She has witnessed and experienced the emotional, physical and spiritual symptoms that arise when body, mind and spirit are not attended to and in balance. Rita embraces her role of helping people explore the awareness of their personal body/mind/spirit being, and to develop insight that encourages them to learn and practice whatever is needed for their own integration and balance.

Body ~ Rita immersed herself in study of the body during her undergraduate study as a medical technologist, and during her medical school, residency and private practice years. She has always been in awe of the amazing wonder of the human body, and continues to be incredulous as more and more scientific knowledge pours forth each year!

Rita’s personal body insight has grown through her experiences of child-bearing, 5 years horseback equitation lessons starting at age 40, 7 years of studying, dancing and teaching American Tribal Style ® belly dance and 3 years as a yoga practitioner.

Mind ~ Rita was driven to learn more about the grief process after the deaths of several close family members. She earned a certificate in Death and Grief Studies from Colorado State University in 2009 after completing 150 hours of training with Dr. Alan Wolfelt at the Center for Loss and Life Transitions in Fort Collin, CO. Rita is a member of the Chippewa County Grief Guidance Team, has facilitated grief support groups at St. Joseph Hospital in Chippewa Falls and continues to facilitate a monthly group at her own parish in Eau Claire. She gives public education talks and day retreats on grief and grieving.

Spirit ~ Rita has presented a number of spirituality retreats over the last 4 years at St. Anthony Retreat Center in Marathon, WI. She has been a lifelong musician and a cantor and leader of sacred worship. Rita plays Native American style and silver flute, and frequently uses them, as well as her voice, to help provide beauty and peace for prayer and meditation. She finds great joy and spirit in her dancing and in the beauty and wonders of both nature and of human creation. Rita has always been an avid reader of all kinds of literature, especially spiritual literature, and she practices meditation/centering prayer.


Offering: Open Belly Dance and Quarterly Day retreats on a variety of spiritual topics

Grief support, education and retreats available

“Introduction to belly dance” ~ intrigued? Contact me to learn how this delightful dance can foster integration of your feminine mind/body/spirit!


Contact Rita at her web site: http://www.spirithorsedancecompany.com/. Click on the “Spirit Horse Spirituality” tab for scheduled events or contact rita@spirithorsedancecompany.com or 715-828-4127