Room Rentals

What We Offer:
The Center offers three rooms for hourly, 1/2 day, full day, or evening use. Weekend retreats can also be reserved.

Information & Reservations:
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The Center Studio
This gorgeous 42’ octagonal room overlooks Otter Creek. In-floor heat, a vaulted ceiling and eleven huge windows create a warm, natural setting for a wide variety of activities.

Sustaining Member Rental Rates:
Full Day: $50
½ Day: $30
Hourly: $15 or 10% (Whichever is higher)

$30/half day or $50/full day to add the kitchen and dining room for your exclusive use when renting The Center Studio.

Visitor Rental Rates:
AM Block:  7AM-11:30AM  |  $75
PM Block:  noon-5:00PM  |  $75
Evening:  5:30PM-10PM  |   $75

Weddings: The Center can be reserved for small weddings (maximum occupancy is 49 people, and a maximum of 25 parking spaces). There are a variety of chairs at the Center (48 total) and folding tables available. The base price for a wedding reservation is $350 for the entire first floor of the facility for an 8 hour block (negotiable time allowances depending on the calendar) and access to the table and chairs. There is an additional charge if you want us to arrange set up and take down. Please call for details.

The Den
This beautiful 12’ x 11’ room has three walls of glass overlooking Otter Creek. It is a perfect setting for small groups or a practitioner and client(s) activities like healing touch, sound healing or spiritual direction.

Sustaining Member Rental Rates:
Full Day: $30
½ Day: $20
Hourly: $10 or 10% (Whichever is higher)

Visitor Rental Rates:
$50/block for the den when reserved with the Center Studio

$100/block for the den, dining room, kitchen and living room when reserved with Center Studio

The Art Studio

The lower level Art Studio has seating and workspace for 7-10 plus an instructor. Good lighting, lots of electrical outlets, and moveable tables and chairs allow you to create the perfect setting for your personal or group art experience. It’s a fun room for fun projects!

Sustaining Member Rental Rates:
Full Day: $30
½ Day: $20
Hourly: $10 or 10% (Whichever is higher)

Kitchen and Dining room use – if your group has rented The Center Studio, Den or Art Room and simply wants to use the kitchen and dining room for a quick snack or light lunch, doing so is free of charge, with the understanding that those spaces are available for general use. If your group wants to have exclusive use of those spaces for a sit down meal or day-long sharing of snacks, the spaces should be rented along with the Living Room as such use would affect their availability for other groups. Thank you!







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