Sustaining Member

The Center invites you to become a Sustaining Member!

Sustaining Members enjoy The Center on a more involved and intimate basis than visitors, committing to support the vision and efforts of The Center community. Sustaining Members enjoy all that visitors enjoy PLUS:

  • Punch card savings on events and classes (see below)
  • Access to lower room rental rates

But the main reason to be a Sustaining Member is to support The Center! It would simply not exist without the support of people like you.

Sustaining Member Rates &  Payment Options:

It is easy to become a Sustaining Member. Please fill out a Sustaining Member Form (we can e-mail that to you or they are at the Center). You can drop off an annual or bi-annual check at the Center in the payment box by the front entrance (please label your check). If you prefer to make monthly payments, most banks will set up direct pay and cut a check monthly or you may set up automatic billing through PayPal (below). Thank you!

  • Single                      $20/month
  • Couple                   $30/month

After selecting single or couple, please click the “Add to Cart” button. Once on the PayPal site, please choose the number of months you would like to pay for in the “Quantity” column. Thank you!

Sustaining Member Options

Sustaining Member Options

Sustaining Members Punch Card Savings:

As a benefit of becoming a Sustaining Member, several providers at The Center have offered discounts as listed below. This card is non-transferable.  You can use 10 discounts (once each) within a 12 month period as long as you are a Sustaining Member.  Every year you will receive one card with ten saving opportunities. This card is good for 12 months from the date of issue. Discounts must be requested at the time of service.  To redeem your discount, please present your card to the provider and have him/her initial and date the box.

  • Carleen Sterner- $10 off a 30 minute Life Coaching session or $20 off a 60 minute session or $10.00 of an Ayurvedic Spa treatment or Reiki session.
  • Onae- 30% off one intuitive card reading
  • Jeff Rogers- One free class
  • Tina Frank- 20% off first session
  • Susan Cool – One free ATM class
  • Lisa Thelen- One free admittance to a Transform 2017 group session at The Center
  • Z.Vida Fitness – One free Zumba class
  • Duree Thatcher – One free yoga class
  • 20% off Erin Designs Yoga Energy Art purchase
  • 50% off initial consultation with Family Tree Nutritional Health & Wellness (Melissa Fellenz)
  • Cassie Brenden – One free yoga class for a teen family member.
  • Joyce Sobotta – 20% off an Essential Oils class
  • Melissa Vojtasek- 20% off first session or workshop
  • Sara Bryan- $5 off reflexology session




Please contact Lisa Winzenz for Sustaining Member forms at or call 715-529-7683 (Scott). Thank you for investing in The Center!