Trisha Lundin


Name & Credentials:
Trisha Lundin

Trisha Lundin is an art as therapy facilitator and a graduate student in art therapy. Through a variety of art media she seeks to promote art as a tool for healing and an outlet for growth and wellness. Trisha works with individuals of all ages using art expression to build insight and awareness.

What is Art as Therapy?
Art Therapy is a holistic method of creating to cope with life challenges. It utilizes the whole person through the process and product of art making as a way to explore meaning in one’s life. By connecting to the creative process, participants can find many healing benefits including an increase in: self-awareness, relaxation and non-verbal expression of emotions.

Art as Therapy & Art Instruction

Contact Information:

Throughout the year a series of six week support groups will be offered for those interested in exploring art as a way of life within a small group setting. Smaller day workshops for therapeutic art/exploitative art will be posted throughout the year. Trisha meets with individuals of all ages and ability ranges upon request using art to develop personal meaning and self exploration.

Individuals interested in more information or to receive updates on events are invited to contact her by phone: 715-255-0229 or by email: